Team Bravo!

Haines Maxwell, Jr.

Head Cheerleader

Haines has been a leader in the branding world going back to the days when cattle were the only recipients of a brand. From custom apparel to professional sports giveaways to being part of one of the region’s first e-commerce site (Bojangles’ in the 90’s – thank you, Al Gore!), Haines has been an innovator in the promotional product, apparel, and Other Cool Stuff industry. “It’s really about results…about impact. If your thought is ‘I just want to put my logo on a bunch of crapola’…save your money.”  A graduate of the UNC – Chapel Hill School of Business and multi-term board member of the Carolina Association of Advertising & Marketing Professionals (CAAMP), Haines is blessed to be married to his amazing wife Dianne, father to 6 kids (think Brady Bunch), grandpa to four and golden-retriever-dad to Piper the Wonderdog.  Loves hanging out every Tuesday night with the brethren at The Barn (, cheering for the Tar Heels, the Red Sox and does his best to support the local Charlotte teams! 



Jeff Shows

Brand Warrior 

Jeff has transitioned to the marketing business from 25 years in the health care community. He loves to help others get the “wow!” experience through excellent service and exceeding their expectations. Bravo is a natural fit for Jeff as he understands the challenges of business ownership and the risk-reward relationship of promotions. Great customer service is at the top of the priority list for Jeff in his relationship with Bravo clients. “It’s important to understand the specific promotional goals of the customer first and then provide the best avenues to reach those goals. We do that at Bravo!”

Jeff is passionate about family, music, faith and teaching. He performs music in church as well as in the community of the greater Charlotte area. Jeff and his wife Melinda live in Rock Hill, SC and have 9 kids, 5 grandkids and a dog between them.




Ennis Pepper

Brand Warrior Extraordinaire 

 Ennis Pepper in a nutshell: 

“Though I do enjoy a peanut, the shell of any nut will do!”


Born in Springfield Missouri, lived in Jacksonville - Florida, Durban - South Africa, Johannesburg - South Africa, and now Charlotte - NC (for the last 5 years).


As the song says, I was the "son of a preacher man." My parents were missionaries to South Africa so at the tender age of 13, my parents, my brother and I, headed South (way south). I would visit the States on the odd occasion but returned permanently 5 years ago to settle in Charlotte, North Carolina. I share this journey with my lovely wife Sara, and our two boys Chris and Matt. There is of a course a dog, her name is Sandy.


I studied marketing in college (when choosing what to study, no one could give me a simple explanation of what marketing was and that fascinated me), and I have been in sales and marketing ever since. The pursuit of the elusive “sale” still fascinates me to this day. Of all of the elements of business that I have been exposed to, I have found sales and marketing to be the most exciting! And, of all the things that I have sold in my life, promo and apparel is definitely the most fun!


Interesting things about me (at least to me anyway ?? ) - Proposed to my wife on a gondola in Venice, Italy - Hiked to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro - Started (and continue) to operate several small businesses - Have been involved in some form of church ministry most of my life - Married my best friend - I love the underdog, always have!


I have found that just about every good thing in my life started with a conversation! If we haven't met, I can't wait. Let's have a conversation and see what happens.



Gordon Pettit

Chief Consultant 

A Greensboro, NC native, Gordon moved with his family to Charlotte at the age of 7. After graduating from NC State University, he spent close to three decades serving clients in the financial services and insurance industries.


A long-time fan of branding and marketing, Gordon is having a blast since joining Bravo in 2021 helping clients think through marketing strategies and developing ways to utilize unique promotional products and apparel to make an impact in the marketplace. 


When not inspiring folks with Cool Stuff, Gordon enjoys spending time with collectible cars and car show competition, hiking, camping, church events, writing his book, traveling with his fiancee Dianne and watching their four grandsons competing in sports and doing kid stuff! 



IPromoteU Support Team

Bravo Marketing is blessed to be an affiliate of the iPROMOTEu network. As part of a monthly $10+ million sales volume with  a  60+ member support team,  we are able to extend national contract pricing to our clients as well as bring tremendous creative resources to bear so when folks see YOUR branding they will cry out, “BRAVO!”